Peter Bachmann, Research Fellow
Philips Research Aachen, Germany

Peter Bachmann
Peter is a chemist and is with Philips Research since 1980. After initial work on the industrialization of a novel plasma-based optical fiber fabrication process, he implemented diamond deposition from the vapor phase with applications ranging from wear resistance to heat sinks and field emission.

He wrote more than 100 invited papers, founded the international Diamond Conference series, and currently co-edits the journal Diamond & Related Materials.

In 1992, he received the SGL-Carbon Promotional Award for his diamond-related research.

He expanded his work to carbon nanotubes, amorphous carbon films and, more recently, into the biomedical area. He headed several biomedical scouting activities for Philips Research and Philips Medical Systems and started work related to protein-based molecular diagnostics.

In 2004, Peter received the Eduard Pannenborg Award for his outstanding contributions to Philips Research Germany.