Working at Philips Research

Marloes van de Wal, Project Manager

Do you want to be stimulated and challenged by people as smart (or smarter) than you? Are you interested in sharing experiences with people from all over the world? At Philips Research you can enjoy both.

Whenever you work on a project at Philips Research, you work in a multi-disciplinary team. Sometimes this in itself introduces new challenges, because other team-members use scientific language that you are not familiar with. That may be a challenge, but it is definitely one from which you can learn something.

Working together

Usually the research is for a market sector of Philips, or sometimes for a corporate project. You may also be involved in collaborative projects with many other companies - for example, in the context of a European research program.

International and diverse

Our labs are situated throughout the world - in Europe, Asia and North America. It automatically makes you part of an international team. The diversity in their backgrounds and cultures is fascinating. In Eindhoven alone, more than 50 nationalities already work together at Philips Research.

Keep learning

Philips Research believes that the best way to realize potential is by challenging its researchers to learn as much as they can. It's a belief that we have held and acted on for over 90 years. For as long as we have existed, in fact. Philips recognizes the value of someone who has learned so much, and organizations external to Philips usually recognize it too.

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