Philips Research Eindhoven

Arie van Boxtel, Senior Project Manager

Philips Research Eindhoven is located on the High Tech Campus (HTC) Eindhoven, which is the center for technology enabled innovation in The Netherlands. It is an open campus, targeted at fostering open cooperation between different companies and institutes. Over 8000 researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs work closely together at the HTC, developing the technologies and products of tomorrow.

Activities at this location?

Philips Research Eindhoven works for all innovation areas in the three Philips market sectors of Healthcare, Lighting, and Consumer Lifestyle. We combine research activities with “first of a kind” product development based on our advanced engineering competencies. Our way of working is strongly multidisciplinary, both in terms of technical scientific disciplines and in terms of applications.

We cover a broad range of disciplines. From physics, chemistry, electronics, mechatronics, embedded software, signal processing, and computer science into cross-disciplinary fields like biomedical engineering, microbiology, biophysics, and systems design all the way to psychology, perception, and behavioral sciences.

Most important research topics?

Within Healthcare, we focus on diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive image guided intervention, patient care, and clinical decision support, and home and personal healthcare. In Lifestyle, we are investigating technologies and solutions that stimulate a healthy life, offering optimized personal care, and exploring ways to enhance a fulfilling home and interactive lifestyle.

In Lighting, we are investigating a variety of key technologies for solid state lighting, embedded lighting solutions, lighting systems, and the effects of light on health and wellbeing.

Partners we work with

The list of our partners is long and varied – open innovation is our way of working. From our Eindhoven laboratory we cooperate with some 100 different universities and external companies in Europe and across the globe. We are closely linked to our Research labs elsewhere in Europe (UK, Germany and France), in North America (Cambridge, MA), China (Shanghai) and India (Bangalore).


One of the unique research facilities developed by Philips Research is the ExperienceLab at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, where a natural setting is provided in which proposed new technologies and applications can actually be tested and experienced.

In the ExperienceLab, multi-disciplinary teams including psychologists, sociologist and designers can observe people and monitor their behavior and interactions with the innovative concepts. ExperienceLab provides an ideal environment in which user-centered research can be performed.

    History of Philips Research Eindhoven

    Philips Research as a global organization grew out of the renowned “Natuurkundig Laboratorium” or NatLab which was established in 1914 in downtown Eindhoven. The NatLab pioneered a number of breakthrough inventions, which contributed to the successful expansion of Philips into a multinational company. These included the pentode radio tube, the rotary shaver, and the compact disc. In the early 1960s, Philips Research moved to its current site in Waalre, where it expanded into IC technology, software, and systems.

    In 2000, Philips decided on a new destiny for the Research labs' site. The barriers were removed and the High Tech Campus Eindhoven was established, which has since become the largest Dutch high tech campus. It is a truly vibrant community and ecosystem for innovation. Philips Research in Eindhoven is well positioned as a cornerstone of the campus.

    The former Philips Applied Technologies group was created by a merger of several Philips departments in 2005, including the Center for Manufacturing Technology and the Philips Digital Systems Lab of Philips Consumer Electronics. It moved to the High Tech Campus in 2006.

    In January 2011, a large part of the Applied Technologies organization merged with Philips Research, thereby enhancing its technical competency base, and its ability to bring technology-enabled innovation closer to the market. At this time, first of a kind product development skills and advanced engineering competencies were added to Philips Research.


Philips Research
High Tech Campus 34
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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Facts & figures
  • Philips Research Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Established in 1914
  • Over 1,500 professionals from 50 different nationalities

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